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Common problem


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Common problem

The methods of dealing with the LCD splicing screen blackout splash screen
LCD splicing wall, with its large screen, shock, clear images, make our life more and more good, also because of its properties, such as screen color is rich in security monitoring, entertainment and other industries widely used, but if the LCD splicing screen went black, splash screen, can seriously affect the LCD splicing screen display effect. See More >>
Optical fiber network what are the common faults and elimination method
Everybody know optical fiber optical fiber is known, is a kind of made of glass or plastic fiber, can be used as light transmission tool. Fiber optic network will be of great use in the life, once appear, fault will cause a big trouble, how to rule out optical fiber network common faults and elimination method is becoming more and more important. See More >>
Six items, the wireless video monitoring project
Application of wireless video monitoring engineering unavoidably lets a person worry, its application on the "disadvantage", not all equipment price, installation cost line or cost money issues, such as still has a lot to pay special attention to the problems in engineering, are summarized as follows: See More >>
To avoid the two interference sources of the wireless monitoring method
To avoid the two interference sources of the wireless monitoring method is what? You know today when it comes to wireless monitoring, may let everybody the most easy to think of another word is: interference. True wireless monitoring brings us convenience has appeared increasingly, but also deepened the fear of interference at the same time, in this way, "wireless monitoring" and "interference" so innocent tied together. See More >>
What is the wireless bridge In the field of wireless bridge in monitoring applications
What is wireless bridge application in the field of monitoring and wireless Bridges is an important part of the small make up in this paper explain for everybody, with the development of technology, the wireless broadband network technology more and more mature, more and more applications in various fields, at present, the enterprise internal large surveillance See More >>