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EAS RF System


8.2Mhz Aluminum Alloy EAS RF System Security Gate

4*4cm Soft Label 1.0-1.4m
Mini Square Tag 1.5-1.7m
Large Square Tag 1.8-2.2m

  • Brand Name Keeppoint
    Model Number KP-106
    Size 1560*430mm
    Frequency 8.2MHz
    power supply 110 ~ 240V, 50 ~ 60Hz/AC, reliably connected to GND
    Fuse 1A
    Material Aluminum Alloy
    Color Silver

    Easy handling and constant, high level of detection;Can be installed as check-out or as exit control.

    1) Fuctions: a. reduce theft loss; b.simplified management; c. improve shopping atmosphere;
    d. deterrent effect; e. beautify the environment.

    2) Applicable Scope: supermarket, clothing store and other stores with rf eas hard tags and rf soft labels.

    3) Advantage: good quality with design flexibility, high reliability and minimal maintenance.
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