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In 2017 the Chinese market will play ai industry aspiration

If you try to in Google (weibo) search engine search "Machine (Machine), so there are great possibilities, one of the top of search results is" Machine is coming ". 
In 2016, the development of artificial intelligence has been a huge. Well-known technology leaders think, in the history of the development of artificial intelligence, 2016 was a breakthrough year. 
So far, Asia still lags behind that of the silicon valley in the field of artificial intelligence research. But the expert inside course of study thinks, in 2017, Asia technology industry will become an important force to promote the development of artificial intelligence. 
Artificial intelligence is the basis of the analysis of large amounts of data, to predict the results or pattern. The history of artificial intelligence and computer nearly the same, but in the outside world view has always been very mysterious, artificial intelligence and need many years to achieve. 
At present, with the development of a series of technology, the computer implementation similar to human cognitive abilities could soon become a reality. 
In march last year, Google ai system AlphaGo defeated lee se-dol in the chess game, the public attention. The complexity of the previous view, go over the computer‘s understanding ability. 
Silicon valley technology giant, and China‘s baidu, alibaba and tencent (BAT) is to the artificial intelligence invested heavily. The data and computing resources, on the other hand, is more and more rich. Therefore, artificial intelligence is rapid progress. 
Artificial intelligence researchers believe that artificial intelligence technology can change the global economy and almost all aspects of human life, whether detection and treatment of cancer, management consulting, investment banking operations. 
Facebook institute of artificial intelligence research engineer Mr. Meese ・ jean tara (SoumithChintala) said: "in the next few years, we can expect that drive and unmanned AlphaGo technology will be integrated as a field, such as transportation and health care." 
In 2016, the rapid development of artificial intelligence is mainly due to the "machine learning" and the rise of "deep learning". 
In machine learning system, the algorithm through the training, rather than a fixed program to complete a task. The need to use large amounts of data related to the task. Deep learning is a kind of machine learning. This kind of system to simulate the human brain, to transfer a large amount of data to the artificial neuron, and the processing and analysis of these data will be fast. 
Hong Kong university of science and technology, artificial intelligence researcher PASCAL ・ feng (PascaelFung) said that in the process of development of human brain computer, the industry has made some milestone. Speech and emotion recognition is to achieve "a new milestone. 
Artificial intelligence experts say the focus on Asia, the region of the artificial intelligence research fell behind the west, but Asian companies and university of science and technology has huge potential to catch up. 
As China‘s largest search engine, baidu is considered in Asia research at the forefront of artificial intelligence. Baidu established in Beijing, silicon valley and artificial intelligence laboratory. Before 2014, baidu hired Google artificial intelligence technology, online learning platform, head of the Coursera co-founder Wu En. 
Zeroth. Ai is focusing on the artificial intelligence startup accelerator in Asia. TakLo the company‘s managing director, said: "China‘s BAT companies know that they need with Google and Facebook for talents in the field of artificial intelligence. In the next few years we will see the competition heats up." China, Japan and South Korea, he thought, entrepreneurial ecosystem would promote the development of artificial intelligence in Asia. 
Facebook of tara, agreed that Asia will in the world of artificial intelligence and deep learning plays an important part of the research community. He said: "as an individual, we have brought very good effects in this area." Jean tara from India. 
But he also said that India‘s research level is far behind the European and American top universities and laboratories. "It is a slow and steady change. The key to close the gap is good guidance for young researchers design project, it is moving forward rapidly." 
A major center of Asia, including Singapore and Hong Kong, has produced the more focus depth study of start-ups. The region‘s many companies want to provide services based on the technology of artificial intelligence. 
Science and technology industry data and research firm CBInsights said last month that since 2011, the world has 137 startups are related to the artificial intelligence acquisition, of which 2016 are 40. 
The takeover startup part focus on the development of artificial intelligence "bot". Such software based on the deep learning technology to help users to complete various tasks, including order, pay the bills, or by text or voice from Uber take a taxi. 
One such company is Active from Singapore. The ai. The company the development of bot through the message application on artificial intelligence platform, help customers to do business. Mount the company co-founder Karl ・ narayanan (ShankarNarayanan) said: "after we have Internet bank, then we see the era of mobile banking, as well as the" mobile first "strategy. Currently, we are moving into artificial intelligence era, take ‘artificial intelligence‘ priority strategy." 
In Hong Kong, startup, Clare. Ai is developing similar chat robot of artificial intelligence technology, support cantonese, English and other main language identification. The company‘s co-founder, Ken ・ beam (KenLeung) said: "in 2017, we will see a bank, insurance, and retail company for further use of this technology. However, this technique also take several years to become the mainstream." 
PASCAL ・ feng said, as the world‘s most important manufacturing powers, China has a unique advantage to promote the development of artificial intelligence, because of "made in the research, development and cooperation between can quickly realize". 
China is rich in BAT company also collected data. These companies can take advantage of the latest machine learning algorithms to analyze these data, to optimize their service. 
Artificial intelligence technology has huge potential, but industry experts also stressed that the development of artificial intelligence should ensure that, this technology will have a negative influence on human. 
In September this year, major technology companies in the United States announced the formation of "artificial intelligence for the benefit of humanity and social cooperation alliance". The nonprofit alliance will start the research of ethics of artificial intelligence, "to promote the public understanding of the technology and knowledge". 
Facebook‘s piano tara said: "fundamentally understand the artificial intelligence is very important, because if a lack of understanding of artificial intelligence, so people may overestimate the ability of the artificial intelligence technology, so as to make the wrong investment and decision." 
Artificial-intelligence professor at the university of Bristol, UK ・ rexroad Christie said Anne, (NelloCristianini), users and regulators need to be aware of artificial intelligence technology bring the possibility of being abused. 
Personal data of the information security, dependence on the adaptive technology, as well as to the personal financial behavior prediction in the case of unauthorized was leaked to the insurance company and bank are the key risks of artificial intelligence. 
Christie Anne said: "in addition to technical progress, if 2017 can cultural progress in these areas, so will be a good thing. This will avoid the bad things happening until it was too late." 
Industry experts hope to reassure the outside world of artificial intelligence technology to bring the concerns of the "justice". In the movie the terminator, the computer network control the human. 
PASCAL ・ feng said: "some concerns, such as robots take over human beings, it is very far away. We have made a lot of progress and breakthrough, but it is unable to develop a general intelligent machines."