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In 2017, the Internet of things into the mature period China or into a big winner

On December 29, 2016, the Beijing summit of the world conference on the Internet of things, from the United States, Russia, Canada and so on more than 10 countries nearly 500 delegates gathered. World conference on the Internet of things, executive chairman of He Xuming said at the meeting, the Internet of things will be following the agricultural revolution, the industrial revolution, information revolution, a revolution, the revolution is called wisdom. 
In fact, the Internet of things technology has been in the industrial, transportation, logistics, security, and other fields to the application. The personage inside course of study says, as more wearable devices, intelligent sensor, intelligent hardware products, the most widely used intelligent transportation, smart home, intelligent medical market segment will begin to fast growth. Market research firm Gartner research reported that, in 2017 is expected to have more products that meet the user requirements and solving service industry spot. 
Latest research report shows, according to Morgan Stanley, semiconductor, Internet, communication and other related areas of more than 100 respondents, 2017 Internet market will enter the mature period, all kinds of Internet related products to a large number of listed, will directly with the development of Internet industry. Internet of things technology applied in more and more traditional industries, the development of the Internet of things industry growth will therefore to speed from the current 8% to 18%. 
At the summit, China‘s Internet industry also got quite a few foreign officials and foreign diplomats to attention. Uruguay ambassador addressed at the summit, in the hope that China‘s Internet of things in the world play a role in the process of development planning, promote the development of a new world economy; Pakistan governors issued a video message to the world the development of the Internet of things full of expectation. 
There are many overseas Internet experts on the Chinese Internet market confidence, they think that the Internet of things is one of the five Chinese national emerging strategic industries, the future China is probably the biggest market and the winner of the Internet of things era. According to a recent global accenture well-known research institutions, according to a report in China iot fueling growth obvious: to promote industry predicts 2030, the Internet of things can create up to $1.8 trillion in cumulative contribution to GDP value. 
Why high-profile Chinese market? First of all, the national policy of booster. As is known to all, China is a country advanced in manufacturing. In 2015, the Chinese government proposed the "made in China 2025" national strategy instructions, this is the first positive "against" German "4.0" plan and Internet industry reform in the United States. "Made in China 2025" plan is put forward for China‘s industrial and manufacturing, is a sign of official change in the global industry. It is a symbol of this country is going through intelligent transformation, from the industry 3.0 times to 4.0 times of change. 
Second, the Internet of things and the complementary advantages between the two in China. For China, if you want to follow up the steps of industrial transformation, have to face a topic - the Internet era, how to deal with a lot of industrial data. The use of the Internet of things, because it provides a complementary mode: will China‘s industrial revolution just need the big data management and the strength of the perfect fit. On the other hand, the Internet not only needs the combination of various advanced technique, also need hardware support, this is also China‘s manufacturing expertise. 
In addition to the above two points, the Chinese Internet industry development also depends on the strength of domestic enterprises. In China, many companies have started to Internet of things as a new field of play hardware and manufacturing capabilities. In the IT industry, the above advantages there are a mass of place: such as in large financial savings, the next generation of consumption patterns, and other areas of innovation. 
Domestic institutions, such as China merchants securities research report that China‘s Internet industry development potential is tremendous, potential market size will be in the trillions. More importantly, the Internet of things industry in addition to its own development prospects are bright, also can cause the existing manufacturing and service industries have a huge change. In fact, now many domestic enterprises have begun to actively explore the Internet of things technology application in the manufacturing and service industries, such as customization production, accurate Courier service production and service form, also began to emerge. Believe that in the near future, China‘s Internet industry will become a powerful force, has become a global industry development boosters.