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Sound experts to teach you how to choose and buy magnetic anti-theft system eraser?

Magnetic eraser anti-theft system, mainly used for various types of optional store cashier operation, disable security soft label, avoid customer via magnetic anti-theft system, due to the activity of anti-theft tag an alarm, misunderstanding of the customer. But exactly how to evaluate the performance and effect of eraser, let merchants eraser to make the right judgment when the choose and buy? This article from the perspective of product technology and businesses use some advice is given. 
First, we need to understand what are key technical indicators eraser. 
Scope of demagnetization 
Sound measure magnetic anti-theft system is one of the key indicators of eraser demagnetizer effective degaussing range, it is usually expressed as the sound of magnetic soft eraser label distance on the surface of the largest reliable degaussing distance. From the perspective of the convenience of practical use, the scope of the degaussing should cover the demagnetizer whole working face, and each position of the soft label. Maximum degaussing distance usually soft label shall not be less than 10 cm. 
Some demagnetizer, you signal degaussing tips, according to its maximum degaussing distance is larger, but sound soft label has not been thoroughly degaussing magnetic, still become active, must be closer to the height of the eraser for the second degaussing. Therefore, we in evaluating demagnetizer scope of degaussing magnetic anti-theft system, must pay attention to have reliable degaussing range, can‘t be fooled by the so-called maximum degaussing height. 
Erasing speed 
Usually in reliable degaussing measured by the number of times per minute. Is erasing speed, continuous charging test eraser to saturation and discharge index of the length of time. It determines the sound continuous demagnetizing magnetic eraser anti-theft system. Degaussing slow, affect the cashier cashier efficiency. Some demagnetizer seemed more quickly, but it can‘t be reliably degaussing, need to be repeated degaussing, is actually affect the operational efficiency of the cashier. 
Second, we need to know about the demagnetizer degaussing magnetic anti-theft system function, but also has what are helpful to merchant‘s commodity anti-theft value-added function? 
Prevent theft function within 
Sound magnetic eraser anti-theft system is the most important value function is to "prevent theft in function". This degaussing apparatus and the market mainstream laser bar code scanner characteristics of integrated joint operation. When the cashier cashier work normally, usually have to make sure that the laser scanner sweep to commodity bar code correctly, at the same time or before anti-theft soft label degaussing assignments. Some cheating the cashier and their employees, often using bar code scanning of goods not directly degaussing kill anti-theft soft label to achieve the goal of stolen goods. 
Which has the function of prevent stolen within the demagnetizer, it only received laser bar code scanner output has correct scanning after degaussing trigger signal, to launch degaussing. Any cashier tried to "leak scan" commodity barcodes to attempts to do anti-theft degaussing system can‘t succeed. 
Inside and outside the function on the reduction of shop staff collude to steal commodities has a very effective anti-theft security effect. 
Finally, we need to know green eraser 
Any electronic products with electromagnetic radiation, demagnetizer has larger electromagnetic radiation. Beyond a certain distance, its radiation is in safe range. As much as possible to reduce the electromagnetic radiation, "green" use eraser, is often ignored by most of the merchants.