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The Internet of things development further Intelligent traffic growth is strongest

Iot application in the field of intelligent transportation, including technology giant Google, and tesla, Toyota, Mercedes, BMW and other international leading automakers, have been pouring into the development of intelligent vehicles, unmanned vehicles. In 2016, the national development and reform commission and the ministry of transport jointly issued the "push" Internet + "convenient transportation plan to promote the development of intelligent transportation", this is the first time the national general framework and implementation scheme on intelligent transportation. 
Deputy director general of the ministry of transport slurry sampling Yuan Peng believes that technological innovation is the core of intelligent transportation, new consumer demand can guarantee and implementation of a new generation of information technology, people and cargo transport also can realize accurate docking, "under the technology-driven, towards the comprehensive transportation, demand was created or promotion". 
In terms of the market, according to Gartner forecasts, from 2015 to 2020, five years, the Internet‘s major application in the classification, application in automobile traffic classes strongest growth momentum, compound annual growth rate as high as 67.2%. The second is factory automation and energy 44.3%; Also contains medical fitness, such as smart home general consumer market annual compound growth rate of 32.4%; Finally is agriculture, retail, etc., to 24.1% a year growth speed. 
In the urbanization process accelerating, "wisdom" demand rising, and the state shall pay attention to the transportation infrastructure investment by multiple factors, 2012, ten million yuan of above amount for large quantity and total amount increased sharply. According to the Chinese network data traffic technology, amount in the order of tens of millions of dollars in 2012, 235, up 26% from a year earlier, being big amount is 6.81 billion yuan, up 46% from a year earlier, accounting for 41.7% of total project for the whole year, up 5.7%. Hundreds of millions of big seven, five use BT financing model, etc. 
In "made" classification, deputy secretary-general of China automotive engineering, intelligent made car league secretary-general d jie said, around the "intelligent made car development technology roadmap", the ministry has entrusted China automotive engineering society further refine the specific energy saving and new energy application technology route. 
She said: "in particular, we will be ‘made‘ three levels. The first level is made of auxiliary information interaction, similar to the current information service way, through the 3 g, 4 g networks can do it. The second is snatched the collaborative perception, complete information exchange with the outside world, through V2X help to make decisions and control vehicle. The third level is snatched collaborative control, is still by V2V, V2I etc, realize the coordinated control of the vehicle with the outside world. Unlike the second level, the third level of the implementation of the transmission, reliability are put forward higher requirements. In addition, unlike intelligent subsumption architecture, snatched is level 3 exist at the same time." 
In cross-border cooperation, the ministry of transport highway research institute chief engineer Wang Xiaojing thinks, intelligent driving, big data, and new technologies, such as the Internet, like a "double-edged sword", to improve traffic safety and efficiency at the same time, there is a certain risk. Therefore, in a positive attitude to face these new technologies, will be thinking about how to avoid disadvantages. For example, pay attention to data security issues, especially to have rules on the use of the data, to ensure the country‘s information security and people‘s life and property safety, etc. 
In general, the future of the car will automatically drive, not only can real-time collect the latest information through the clouds, can have unlimited development, will greatly change the street landscape of the future. Intelligent transportation infrastructure, transport, network, the service provider and so on various transportation participants through information network and the value chain, and traffic information will be effected according to the market guide, the principle of value drivers in the free flow between the various stakeholders, and will create new application service mode, promote the formation and development of intelligent transportation industry. 
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