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What is OEM/ODM?

Speak of the OEM has many friends don‘t know what it is referring to specific, first about its specific meaning. OEM is original equipment manufacturer short for the first letter in English, also can saying is the processing, production. Is producers don‘t directly in the production of products a company on the basis of another enterprise production requirements, to produce products and accessories, can be called a custom or OEM production. Specific processing tasks to the third party to do it. 
After the OEM started from clothing customization, with the developing of electronic industry, gradually formed a kind of common phenomenon in the whole world, and all of the top 500 large enterprises in the world in this way, too. With the rise of the electronic industry, security of electronic monitoring equipment status as a rising tide lifts all boats, these also penetrated into the people‘s production and living of the people, teng far intelligence billiton ubiquitous wireless monitoring equipment, military level of equipment, in the large oil field, construction site, mining area coal mine, theme parks and scenic spots, forest fire prevention, highway monitoring, the tunnel construction, monitoring of ports, living communities, large campus, campus monitoring has been widely used. And has been widely used in production and living under such form production, OEM custom also has been widely used. 
Wireless monitoring equipment way of OEM production way 
OEM is tailored for brand manufacturers, enterprises have their own resources to entrust a third party for production, not only provide customers with suitable for his needs the methods to solve the problem, promote the development of the enterprise itself, also enhance the brand influence, but also enable customers to come into their own thoughtful service, also implement resource rational distribution, reduce the management difficulty levels. In the development of modern industry, some enterprises for considering manufacturing costs, the transportation is convenient, save time and so on various factors, can entrust a third party to produce. Wireless monitoring in the security monitoring equipment is playing an increasingly important role in our lives, our work will see wireless monitoring of peripheral equipment, and wireless monitoring also exists in every corner. 
The benefits of OEM 
For: what benefits do the OEM custom, for famous brand enterprises, can realize the profit maximization strategy, reduces the entrusted enterprise production cost, enhance the brand competitiveness, expand the popularity of the brand in the market. Reduce the risk of the investment cost. OEM is also foreign brand to develop the Chinese market a market development means, using China‘s existing human and material resources, customized production, solve the production cycle is long, high cost of the situation, a foothold in China gradually. 
For third generation of processing enterprises, the custom had plenty of production capacity, equipment manufacture cost is reduced, the enterprise staff benefits have security, encourage enterprises to further development, equipment renewal speed has improved, also can also cultivate a group of technical personnel, enterprise all aspects of the ability got significant improvement. 
The risks of OEM 
There are legal risk, OEM agreement signed humble, from equipment production technology, quality, price, and after-sales service and maintenance, shipment, delivery inspection and acceptance of flaws, can appear contradictory conflicts, mediation, therefore in operation and precaution on this phenomenon, avoid causing legal case. 
There are economic risks, for the change of market prediction ability insufficient, evaluation of product distribution, distribution of inertia is big, the production of the product stability is suspect, waste material also can form, caused an immeasurable loss. 
Brand there are certain risks, entrust enterprise when choosing producers, choose to have actual strength, reputable producers, in order to guarantee the quality of its products, and enhance the core competitiveness in the market. Although OEM custom make enterprises have a lot of profit, also not necessarily can let the enterprise get satisfaction, and in product development and production and sales of low profit, order demand, order is much, but profits thin, at one time, production capacity have questioned, would reduce the influence, the brand is a big disadvantage.