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Manufacturing industry to upgrade the industrial robot as the tuyere

China‘s robotics experts from application environment, the robot can be divided into two categories, namely, industrial robot and special robot. Refers to industrial robot industry oriented multi-joint manipulator or more degrees of freedom robot. The robots used in non-industrial manufacturing and services in the human, is generally referred to as the special robot, including: service robot, underwater robots, entertainment robot, military robot, micro robot, etc. If carried out in accordance with the market classification, can divide again for enterprises and institutions of industrial robots and consumer robots for the consumer market. 
The French market research firm Yole predict the size of the robot industry of the future market segment, the overall market scale will reach $2021 in 46 billion, the proportion of the top three industrial robots, defence robots, respectively, and consumer robots. According to industry consultancy, statistics, since 2013, our country has become the world‘s largest market. 
In 2014, softbank CEO masayoshi son to global Pepper emotional robot is presented in the paper, he said, the conference will be written to history. Since then, Pepper frequently appear all sorts of technology exhibition, much attention has been paid to its movements are also. 
Beginning in 2015, a large number of consumer robots appearances domestic e-commerce sites and each big media headlines, consumers are starting to recognize and accept all kinds of grotesque domestic robots. 
In June, the ministry, the national development and reform commission, ministry of finance jointly issued the "robot industry development planning (2016-2020), for the whole robot industry blow the east wind. If the hottest technology hot word is 2016 VR, then followed by no doubt is the artificial intelligence and robotics. 
Five years ago, if you are in the street looking for a person, asked him, what is a smartphone, he must not know it; Two years ago, you ask the same question again, stranger may still can‘t give you an answer, but he will directly from his pocket a: "see, I this is smart phones". Although the concept of artificial intelligence has been old enough, but when it comes to "smart" this two word really understand time by consumers, after have to push to the popularization of smart phones. Yes, consumers vote with their feet, they won‘t listen to you explain any concept, only when you put the product in front of him, he will choose his eyebrows and thoughtfully to 1: "aye? It sounds good, call what? How much is it?" 
The current domestic market consumption of robot is still in its infancy, flowers, schools of thought contend, but the problem of product quality is uneven followed. At first, the market popular product is given priority to with flat robot, namely "the tablet + wheels" form. Nearly two years tablet industry slightly, entrepreneurs with very low price can get all kinds of parts from the supply chain, and the wheels of the sweeping machine, finally into the shell, is the so-called "robot" company. While the lower price of the product is very attractive, but both in appearance and practical and interactive experience, they are all far cannot do to satisfy consumers, even market caused great damage to burgeoning with robot. 
At present domestic enterprises are faced with the problem are: robot product visibility and reputation is pretty good, but only a few volume. In August of this year, an online mainstream electric business platform and part of the offline channel according to the survey, its annual sales of domestic brand consumption robot basic data are under 100000 units, the main channel is still mainly in the domestic market, and one of the leading 1500-2000 yuan price products, the products usually annual sales of 2000 yuan of above basic will not more than 30000 units. 
Combined with the above situation, it is not hard to see, cause the root of these problems is the product price expensive and use experience is poor, unable to solve practical problems. 
Any enterprise should be for-profit, so in the face of price war, usually have two choices, one is the price of vicious competition, 2 it is to continue to make product with great concentration, to increase the added value in the technology and products of experience.