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Sensor market outlook: technology innovation can be the solution development

Sensor is an important hardware equipment experience of the external environment, to determine the ability of the equipment and the environment interaction, are intelligent hardware equipment, especially in a lot of smart devices, sensor determines the core competence of the equipment. Sensors, as it were, the innovation and development of strategic innovation drive development of the country is under the key to the development of information technology. Although sensor industry in China has been from the generic, introduce gradually to the independent design, innovation and development stage, but the sensor in our country there are still many challenges. So, the coming 2017 years, and how to layout their own development sensor manufacturers in the country? 
Material, structure and performance of three direction for improvement 
At present, our country sensor according to application fields can be divided into the industrial, automotive electronics, communications, electronics, consumer electronics four categories. Among them, in the domestic, industrial and automotive electronic products with sensor accounted for about 42%, and the fastest growing automotive electronics and communications electronic application market. According to the purpose can be divided into force sensor, thermal sensor, moisture sensor, magnetic sensor, gas sensor, acceleration sensor, biosensor, etc. 
With the development of Internet technology, the traditional sensing technology and puts forward the new requirements, the product is gradually developed to the direction of multidisciplinary cross fusion. The focus of the future, the domestic sensor technology development and innovation in the material, structure and properties of three direction, namely the sensitive materials from liquid to a solid, solid direction; Structure to miniaturization, integration, modularization, intelligent direction; Performance to the wide detection range, high precision, strong anti-interference ability, stable performance, long service life. 
Perfect technology, talent and three aspects 
At present, the sensors in our country still faces the challenge of mainly has: high-end field did not grasp the core technology, top talent shortage, the production, the assembly and test automation, scale ability is low, lack of leading enterprises, on the application of the new technology, new products, new low sensitivity. 
To this, the experts said the sensor industry entry is easy, but the formation of large quantities of products, truly has the development instance of sensor manufacturers cannot leave the product design, core chip, and signal processing algorithms, encapsulation testing technology and talent. Sensor‘s ability to compete in China should give priority to with system, to the sensor signal processing, transmission to do together, system to do drawing, stress from tracking imitation, a foundation to the later the demand system demand traction industry development are put forward. 
Mergers and acquisitions, integration and aggregation three trends in parallel 
According to forward-looking industry research institute "report on China‘s high-end sensor industry analysis, market size is close to $200 billion, the world‘s current sensor industry the future Internet of things, the wisdom city with infinite possibility, will bring great innovation to the sensor industry space, sensor industry has become a focus. The domestic market, technology and policy, the three major factors driving the development of sensor into the fast lane. For the sensor of automobiles, high-speed rail, consumer electronics and opens up a broad application market. Production in the next five years will exceed one trillion, sensor industry in China will gradually to develop in the direction of merger and acquisition, integration and aggregation. 
Current sensor manufacturing at an early stage in our country, basic dependence on imported high-end sensors and chips. How to get out of the dilemma? Experts say there are two routes, namely the accumulation and integration of m&a. In fact, the sensor industry has developed Yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta, northeast, beijing-tianjin four industry clusters. In addition, industry consolidation mergers and acquisitions in the works, such as resistance to wei technology acquisition of MEMS chip maker "lex and MEMS production line for the construction of in Beijing as well, you are time such acquisitions Howe were happened. The future there will be more and more listed companies through the industry mergers and acquisitions into sensor field. 
Currently, sensor market development in our country is mixed, happy is strongly support for industry development policy and market, and lack of care is the core of the product research and development technology. So although domestic sensor market outlook can period, but the product in the measurement precision, temperature characteristic and response time, stability, reliability and other indicators and foreign gap is larger. 
In 2017, according to market research firm predicted China sensor market scale will reach 207 billion yuan, in the next five years (2017-2021) industry average annual compound growth rate of about 30.14%, in 2021 China sensor market scale will reach 593.7 billion yuan. In front of such a huge market cake, more should be based on sensor manufacturers in the country itself, and the blade of forging technology.