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Spring Festival railway station security upgrade The bus strategy away, please

Ann check the dangerous escalation, please arrive station bus in advance. Check the safety work is to guard against all kinds of inflammable and explosive, knives and other prohibited items into the station, the important means of the train. It is understood that the railway police comprehensive strengthening inspection and Ann real-name authentication, witness and than move, to the passenger and luggage check will be more careful, according to passenger flow for current limit. Especially intensify liquids examination, with respect to passengers bringing liquid are taken "q, auscultation and olfaction, inquiry, and try to drink" and so on application for inspection. Railway police remind the passengers here, check the baggage carefully before you travel, and do not carry dangerous, train rides his luggage the prohibited item, especially paint, bulk alcohol, cigarette lighter gases, nail polish, kitchen knife, knife and other items are prohibited, once found will be confiscated according to law; To support the work of the station subject, according to the order will carry luggage for inspection on the security checkpoint, as far as possible when put the luggage in the middle of the conveyor belt and the item location, don‘t fold the bag or erect to the machine, in order to avoid because of the error caused by cargo stuck or require a machine again. At the same time, please the passengers at least 1 hour earlier arrive station, set aside sufficient time to collect the tickets, train, bus. 
Security predominant upgrade dealing, please mind your luggage items. Spring Festival will come, the railway station passenger flow increase, the station was crowded and complex composition and liquid in public places, easily happened children lost, stolen property, deceived, and so on and so forth. The railway police patrolling density, increasing spending on police, patrol outside the station to carry out the continuous bright lights and armed patrols, strengthen inside the station point card, video cruise control have been supervised and police control, batter pickpocketing, begging, black car after soliciting, fraud and other illegal and criminal behavior. 
Although railway public security organs jolt, but to ensure travel safety, still need to police and work together. When railway police remind passengers, the ticket please through the station ticket office, 12306 website, such as formal channels, do not believe that the individual criminals by claiming he could "no ticket bus", "high prices to buy tickets"; Station, please be cautious when you pick up the ticket queue, prevent deliberately close to strangers, crowded, as far as possible to the wallet, mobile phone and other valuables, all packets on the body, prevent stolen; Security, passenger needs such as luggage, after entering the security checkpoint to prevent someone steal behind; Travelling with children need time to take care of children, do not let the children free climbing, playing with machines, with the doctrine of the run around on the platform, more can‘t leave parents line of sight, is best for children parents contact CARDS or bracelets, prevent the lost or stolen; Meet a stranger on the grounds that the person of hometown, befriend peers or less money to buy a ticket to "borrow", etc., don‘t swallow, can‘t accept a stranger food and water, no stranger to help look after the luggage, prevent deceived; Are stolen, lost, deceived, and so on and so forth, please immediately report to the police for help. 
Traffic management upgrade, the guest in accordance with the rules, please. Railway station as a transport hub, in front of the passenger departure flow and traffic flow concentration, the personnel, vehicles stranded at random or confusion is put at the train station, not only is likely to lead to traffic congestion, and in case of emergency disposal work will cause serious influence. To this, the public security office huoerguos kuytun railway station station intensify around to the railway station traffic management, to the railway station in and out of the way of command guidance, to ensure traffic safety and orderly. Railway police remind passengers as the vehicle please stop or go, it is forbidden to stay for a long time for a long time to stop please stop to the provisions of section, prevent brings the problems such as traffic congestion, efforts to create a good environment for the bus.