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Wisdom city construction in China the status quo and thinking

Shanghai, shenzhen, nanjing, wuhan, chengdu, hangzhou, ningbo, kunshan, foshan and other cities have launched the "wisdom city" development strategy, efforts for the first mover advantage. To this, the author sums up and studies the wisdom of the city urban construction practice and experience, and the urban construction in our country comprehensively advancing intelligence... 
"Wisdom city" (SmartCity) are by far the most popular topic, also is one of the forefront research subject in China, has attracted great attention from all walks of life. When iot strategy and wisdom city rises to the strategic level of a country‘s economic, science and technology, local governments have no reason to continue silent, watching, and local governments, universities and enterprises in order to quickly step in the strategy, have adopted a series of measures. Shanghai, shenzhen, nanjing, wuhan, chengdu, hangzhou, ningbo, kunshan, foshan and other cities have launched the "wisdom city" development strategy, efforts for the first mover advantage. To this, the author sums up and studies the methods and experiences of the wisdom urban construction city, and to push wisdom city construction in our country are proposed. 
In recent years to human concern and exploring a process of urban development, the concept of "wisdom city" by more and more countries around the world and gradually accepted by the public. Wisdom city actually were not as mysterious, abstract, some of its functionality is reflected in our daily life, such as citizen CARDS, campus communication, mobile phone registered, group messaging, mobile banking, electronic government affairs, etc., have already applied in some cities. 
In the future, not sick in the hospital, and never leave home can through the monitor to the doctor to the patient‘s blood pressure, heart, pulse, etc., the traffic can bear ahead and polluted rivers can be immediately found outlet and so on, people can use mobile to send and receive all the information about the city life, see a doctor, work, travel, leisure has become convenient and easy. 
One, the concept of wisdom city 
In response to the financial crisis, enable enterprises to achieve higher profit margins, IBM will focus from hardware to software and consulting services, and in November 2008, puts forward the concept of "smarter planet", aroused the concern of the United States and the world. "Wisdom city" is the "smarter planet" from concept to the actual, be born in China. In 2009, when China put forward 4 trillion investment to address the financial crisis, this issue has caused the social from all walks of life domestic wisdom city of great interest. 
IBM company seize the opportunity to strike while the iron is hot, in China held a 22 consecutive wisdom city forum, with more than 200 mayor and nearly 2000 city city official communication. Wisdom city concept has been widely accepted and, nanjing, shenyang, chengdu, kunshan and other domestic cities have made strategic cooperation with IBM. 
To support the government to host the world expo Shanghai, IBM in September 2008 and the bureau of Shanghai world expo coordination signed an agreement to become world expo 2010 Shanghai China with computer system integration consulting services senior sponsors. In nearly two years later, the IBM integration of global resources, to the "wisdom city" as the core idea, and the bureau and the relevant customers and partners work together to actively support and cooperate the works of the construction of the expo. At the same time, through this world event, IBM also to countries to promote the software and hardware technology and consulting services business, get a lot of orders, have achieved considerable economic benefits and social benefits. About wisdom city, there is no unified definition and explanation. 
1, IBM defines 
IBM gives the definition of "wisdom city" is: by means of information and communication technologies sensor, analysis, integration of city core system running in all kinds of key information, and including the people‘s livelihood, environmental protection, public security, urban services, commercial and industrial activities, all kinds of requirements to make intelligent response. IBM define the essence of which is to use the advanced information technology, to achieve intelligent management and operation, and create a better life for the people in the city, promote the harmonious and sustainable growth of the city. 
IBM "wisdom city" the concept of the city itself as an ecosystem, urban residents, traffic, energy, commerce, communication, water form the individual subsystems. These subsystems to form a universal connections and promote each other and influence each other as a whole. 
In the process of urban development in the past, due to the lack of science and technology strength, the relationship between these subsystems can‘t provide integrated information support for the urban development. And in the future, with the help of a new generation of Internet of things, cloud computing and information technology such as decision analysis optimization, through perception, instrumentation, intelligent way, can the city‘s physical infrastructure, information infrastructure, social infrastructure and business infrastructure to connect, as a new generation of intelligent infrastructure, in all areas in the city, the relationship between each subsystem, as if to city set up the neural network system, make it can command decision, real-time response, to coordinate the operation of the system of the "system". 
Wisdom city means to realize information sharing between different departments and systems in the city and work together, a more reasonable use of resources, make the best urban development and management decision-making, predict and respond to emergencies and disasters in a timely manner. 
IBM white paper "wisdom city" will be issued by the China city information content is divided into four aspects, namely, network and information resource construction, urban management and operation, social and community integrated services and industry development and economic operation, and argues that "wisdom city" is the core of "establishing a new tool, the new technical support of the government, citizens and business organizations of new urban ecosystem". 
The scholar thinks, IBM has more from the purpose of the company‘s strategic transformation, according to the realistic need, which the parts of the city to tackle the financial crisis, to cater to local governments for a marketing strategy put forward by the central 4 trillion investment psychology. 
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